Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bored at the office

Having completed all my tasks for the next couple of weeks, I’m sat here with absolutely nothing to do, on a lark I ventured into checking the personals segment of Nerve, although I’m not even remotely thrilled about the thought of dating at the moment. After checking out a couple of ads, I felt inclined to comment on how terrible women are at the “Art of writing a Personal Ad”. I hope these few tips would make your next one a bit more successful: 1. Unless a guy works at a clothes store, do not expect him to understand dress sizes Telling a dude you’re a size 6, is close to telling a person the temperature today was 57 degrees Kelvin (Kelvin is the SI unit of absolute temperature, equal to 1/273.16 of the absolute temperature of the triple point of water). Most guys wouldn’t get it and skip your AD (And even if they do work in the clothing industry, chances are you’re using a complete different dress-size-standard than what he knows of). If you feel so inclined to describe your body, you might want to consider height and weight. 2. Men abhor the show “Sex in the City” We simply don’t like it; nor can we stomach it. Given the psychographics of the gender you’re targeting with your AD, and the fact that 99.9999% of us would flee panicked when you mention it, you should give the “I look like Miranda with bigger boobs!” another thought. 3. We do not want to know about how crazy your ex was, and how you don’t want to meet anyone like him, concentrate on those you’d actually want to meet. We don’t want to know who you don’t want to meet, the mere mentioning of your ex means you’re still not quite over it yet. What I’d want to see is a description of the person you’d like to meet. [This should apply for both genders, personally I kept on pressing the back button whenever I stumbled upon such an ad] Granted men make as many or even more mistakes in their ads, being of that gender I cannot really make a sound judgment on this. Feel like educating us? Drop a comment.

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