Thursday, February 24, 2005

Long day.. things sorted out

Well, finally.. my office has been redecorated, took a bit of banging and drilling. But it's finally done and over with.. Still lacks a door to my department though! On the personal side not much has been going on, aside from the ever so casual "let's plan our honey moon" and "i wonna have your babies" comments that I've been hearing from several parties the past week. Needless to say.. I am freaked out!


Anonymous said...

You look cute and sound smart.. I wonna have your babies too! :) xxx

terracegallery said...

I dont want to have your babies, but if you need artwork for your "new office" check me out:

I also do custom work in any size/color scheme.

terracegallery said...

Thanks For Looking. The piece that you said looks computerized is a mixed media piece. It is actually ink flow lines on paper which is entirely handmade. A very interesting process. It is then attached to canvas with texture medium and some of the colors are overpainted in acrylic. It is really cool and no two are exactly alike.

Hope to hear from you sometime. :)