Saturday, February 26, 2005

On American Minuteman: Middle East Peace a Fantasy

I stumbled upon “American Minuteman: Middle East Peace a Fantasy” last night. An uninformed and quite ignorant point of view of the typical American, dubbing Palestinians as terrorist and their leaders as Terrorist Harboring and Condoning Figures. I can’t say I’m shocked, after all we know the brainwashing Zionist media propaganda being lobbied by most of the news stations in the west, publishing half-truths on how Palestinians are killing Israelis but neglecting the massacres condoned by those painted peaceful. Dubbing Muslims as Terrorists, neglecting the fact that we also do have a Christian population who’s fighting the same war. Many of you know I do not condone “blowing yourself for your cause” kind of action, which have been frowned upon on several occasions. Maybe it’s time we embrace the media and give the west a piece of our minds and help piece out the puzzle. I urge you to follow my path and comment on the article.


Anonymous said...

well after reading THE "middle east peace of fantasy" i'm not suffering any condition of shock of any type,and i am not having any problem saying that the western look at the palastinian-israili- case is no more than a look of ignorance and am speaking about all the west specially USA for they are suffering lack of using the brains , they only use the brains that the media has implanted them into their shallow heads, and i as an american wouldnt deny the role of it in brainwashing the people, so alive but yet not as competent is the arabic media, arabs are having a problem expressing themselves in such a proper way , and i with no doubt can assure that the world will have a better prospective arguing the issue of the war , and looking at it with they eye of peace wanting world.. but this will never happen , not just becuz of the media, but as well becuz of how israilis and americans are completely convinced that palastinians defending their own country, their very own land is an art of terrorism, since they are muslims.. but as just yazan said.. there is christian population too fighting for the very same reson, the reason of having their holy land again,just for themselves, the land that they worked hard over hundreds of years to turn it into a lovely country called cant they defend it? how come israil comes and just rip it from them? who is the terrorists now? think about it USA,think about it..

Ol Cranky said...

Don't waste your time stressing over American Minuteman's views, he apparently knows little about any culture or religion not his own. He views Jews as Nazis (because we don't have the same beliefs as Christians no doubt) and, I can't imagine what he thinks of Muslims. No doubt he knows as little about Islam as he does Judaism. Don't lose sleep over him (it looks like you need as much rest as you can get).