Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Small small world!

I just had a photosensitive seizure playing Max Payne 2, so I decided to quit gaming and log on to much-hyped about "hi5", It never ceases to amuse me how small the world actually is, I recall hearing and shrugging in disbelief that every person is connected to anyone in the world by 6 people at most. It's comes as no surprise that most networking sites offer no more than 4 levels of profile browsing. Otherwise everyone would see everyone, and Where’s the privacy in that? Having realized that I recall one of the wisest things I have ever said: "Man Life is Khara*... and the ones you get for free give you trouble, the best are the women who you pay, bang bang, cheque, end of transaction" * For the benefit of non-Arab readers, please note that Khara means shit as a noun and shitty as an adjective

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Brian Shapiro said...

Amen Brother!