Saturday, March 05, 2005

Picture Perfect: I.T.K.G.

It's been a very long day... Although, on several occasions I've made it very clear to our CEO that I'm not one bit satisfied with the guys I'm managing, and as I still don't have hiring and firing powers yet; I'm constantly finding myself in Hell Just to paint a perfect picture here (as well as amuse you and myself). Imagine the deepest pit of hell where demons torment you constantly by prodding your sensitive areas with fiery pitchforks and guffaw wildly at your screams of pain… Now add the incessant chatter of a bunch of pathetic, moronic losers who wouldn’t know cool if it walked up and slapped them right in their face! If the torture and pestering isn’t quite enough, you may as well add the fact that you’re expected to engineer software masterpieces of unparalleled functionality and precision, as well as manage a department (of kids I might add) that constantly falls into folly. I need a new team…Or perhaps a vacation… Maybe the later, I’m getting too cranky! Anyway like I said it’s been a long day, should probably hit the gym then go home and sleep. Yazan out

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Yazan Malakha said...

For those of you who didn't understand the I.T.K.G bit.. It simply what I refer to my department nowadays.
The IT Kindergarten.

Yazan Mj Malakha