Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Round 2: Middle East Peace Fantasies

With utter respect to American Minuteman's convictions, following are a few facts to keep in mind. Since his blog doesn't allow anonymous postings, you're strongly encouraged to comment here (if you happen to be a casual non-blogging browser).
  1. Till the early 1900s neither Palestine or Israel existed as countries. Palestine harbored Jews at a certain point, so did the rest of the world, even our present day extremely Islamic Saudi Arabia did have a Jewish population at some point. Chronologically speaking, those very Jews converted to Christianity or Islam overtime, some didn’t, some migrated, some stayed. Towards the beginning of the 1900s there were approximately 80,000 Arab Jews (or Arabic speaking Jews if your prefer) in Palestine.
  2. The existing Palestine-Israel conflict has it roots in World War I when Great Britain allowed the Jewish to settle in the Palestine territory in order to get Jewish support fighting in the Middle East (Belfour Declaration), resulting in a massive change of population on this relatively small area.
  3. Following the massacres commenced by Hitler and his regime, Jews and Zionists gained the sympathy of the entire world. However no one wanted them on their land, so they moved to the Palestine territory, the great tension between Arabs and Jews at that time, resulted in Great Britain pulling out from Palestine in 1948, and thus creating the state of Israel.
  4. It’s curious that he described Israelis as attackers and invaders in his comment “Many Arabs stayed in Israel and fought against the attackers during this invasion”. I’m tempted to conclude that he does understand where Arabs or Palestinians are coming from. This very exact feeling has been carried over the decades. That won’t stop until peace dawns upon us.
  5. In 1948 my grandparents fled an attack on Javo (Yafa), and settled in Jordan. True there are several Palestinian Refugee Camps, since most of the economies aren’t strong enough to accommodate them. If you take a look at Jordanian population you’d find that approximately 80% are Palestinians, living ever so prosperously.
  6. Zionism’s acceptable (at least to me) goal of wanting to find a home for Jews/Israelis, led to the desire to establish sovereignty; paving way for the indiscriminate razing of houses, and creation of settlements for Jews, in order to make the country as Jewish as England is English. The lack of media coverage from a Palestinian perspective, and Palestinian leaders unable to utilize it, led to the world’s belief (and yours) that nothing of that kind ever happens.
  7. With regards to Massacres, I suggest reading on Dair Yaseen, Areeha & Aqsa Massacre and many more. Of course Israel would state these actions are against their policies, in order to keep the world sympathetic. If their statements were true, it’s tempting to think “Israel had no hand in this, as Palestinian leaders have no hand in suicide bombings”
  8. Religious tolerance is one of the root principles of Islam by the way, its prophet co-existed with Atheists, Christians and Jews, and only fought against the oppression Muslims were suffering back then. It’s conquerors feared praying near a church so that his followers wouldn’t raze it and build a Mosque instead. Unfortunately extremists convey a completely different picture.

I find it amusing that “Philistines” a name dubbed by the romans thousands of years ago still holds the very same meaning for the population. Like him; my thoughts are unbiased, given the fact that I’m a secular Muslim (more of an Agnostic actually) and have never even stepped foot on Palestinian Soil (Filesteen In Arabic).


Hans said...

I never expected an open-minded view from an Arab! Evolution must have hit you guys! Cheers

Yazan Malakha said...

I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or offended! Being positive at this hour.. I'm flattered.