Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A very uninspiring post

I find myself utterly uninspired today. (I hear the uproars "what about the other days?") But anyway! Spring has sprung; the past two days have been too hot and too hectic for my taste! Jason Kottke decides to quit his job to blog and live off donations, the kilogram gets out of style. And once-again I find myself swamped in work. I guess we all are, Hanan came into my office today and turned into an adorable little kid, singing “mary had a little lamb”, “the itsy bitsy spider”, “three blind mice”.. Job Stress? Or pure insanity? No one knows! We have the rest of the week to figure that one out. Hmm, whatelse.. I started a diet today.. it's really simple:
  1. No Meat: Beef clogs up arteries, fish has mercury, pork has parasitic worms, and chicken simply because I don't like it.
  2. No Drinking: Soda is bad, so is coffee. Bottled water isn't as good as we thought because there are contaminants. Tea is good, but too much tea isn't. A glass of wine never huts, red is better than white though.
  3. No White Stuff: No bread, rice, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt or licking the center of an Oreo.
  4. No Fat: Fat is a "no-no".. however all bodies need a little fat, so must have some fat.. but not too much fat that I get fat.
  5. Foget about the carbs As with the fat, bodies need some carbs.. just not so much that you have no calories left to eat the fat
  6. No Salt: Bodies do need a litte salt however, so eat some salt not so much salt that it junks up your carbs & fats.

Simple, ey?

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Anonymous said...

about the diet issue, in other words, your diet means NO FOOD... its the best thing ever... stop eating... one meal a day keeps the doctor away.

"mary had a little lamb.. she ate it at the end... "!