Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Evil Music Empire

Sometimes I really wonder if the corporate executives at Sony BMG hold up these meetings and go "How can we get people to hate us even more?", my newly purchased Foo Fighters CD turns out to have a DRM protection scheme that doesn't allow you to rip it to MP3s only WMA, in lay terms cannot be played on IPOD! "The casual piracy, the schoolyard piracy, is a huge issue for us; two-thirds of all piracy comes from ripping and burning CDs, which is why making the CD a secure format is of the utmost importance..." says Thomas Hesse, President of the global digital business for Sony BMG. The bottom line is, what they're trying to prevent is say somebody borrowing a CD from a friend, then ripping the CD, and then later on burning the tracks on another CD and giving it to another friend. I spent the last ten minutes speaking to a customer service representative, who didn't have a clue on what I'm talking about. Secure burning means that the 30 million PC/iPOD users outthere do not have any means of transferring the tracks to their device, because Apple Computer has yet to license First4Internet DRM/Windows Media DRM! If we are to go about it the legal way! (Note: The CDs rip fine on Apple Machintosh) I'm sure there's something I'm missing here, if a standard CD player can play them, EAC should be able to retrieve the TOC and rip the disc, which means there should be a way to rip these CDs. I'm sure a hack exists, if it doesn't I'm sure I'll find out a way to rip it and post it on the net.


Slim said...

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Yazan Malakha said...

My apologies to those who read this post prior to it's modification.

The DRM used on Sony BMG CDs is by a company called First4Internet. Fairplay is Apple's DRM.