Thursday, August 18, 2005

Innovation Delivered: Fedex Furniture

Turn your predicament into innovation, that's what Jose Avila did! Most of us have been there, you can barely afford to pay your rent, let alone buy furniture; not if you wanted to eat anyway. Unlike most who would have either whined about not having enough money, or scouted street corners for an unwanted couch, Jose chose to get creative and build an apartment full of surprisingly sturdy "un-boxy" furniture out of FedEx shipping boxes, sending out the message "It's ok to be ghetto!" Fanciful as his creations might seem, FedEx is not amused, the shipping giant's lawyers have sent him letters demanding that he takes the site he used to document his project offline! Claiming that Avilia is infringing on its trademark and its copyright, invoking DCMA in their documents (DCMA is: Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Although in my (and his lawyers) opinion, the company's claims don't relate to copyrights and therefore DCMA doesn't apply! There's nothing in the terms of service that would prevent him or anyone from making furniture from FedEx boxes and displaying them on a website! Couch Couch Dining Table Chairs For more details on the project visit


Leen said...

Typical fucking americans no money to buy furnitur but just enough to get digital cameras and computers and websites!

Roba said...

LOL, creative! Not my idea of furniture, but whatever.. What's up with Tux though..?

Yazan Malakha said...

He's a software developer who just moved to Arizona, and I presume a Linux enthusiast shortage of cash is due to having to keep two rents.

Tarik said...

1. sell the funiture
2. buy a car
3. call fedex and get boxes

that's what i'll do