Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yazan Malakha Strikes the Evil Music Empire!

.. continued from a previous post. Last night I was quite sure I was missing something, if a standard CD player can play Sony BMG's copy-protected CDs, EAC should be able to retrieve the TOC and rip the disc, which means there should be a way to rip these CDs! After successfully ripping the CD to MP3s on an Apple Machintosh, I got suspecious, it turns out the CD is just an enhanced CD with a program running to prevent EAC from ripping the CD, basically the First4Internet technology serves as a speed bump to deter the not-so-well-versed-computer-users There are two ways to override the copy protection scheme, the first is to kill the process using task manager, the second is to disable autoplay on your CD drive.


Anonymous said...

bla bla bleh.. and many others before you!

Yazan Malakha said...

I never claimed I was the first :-)

Roba said...

Oh, hey, welcome to the planet :)