Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I’m not going to echo what’s already been said on the Jordanian Blogosphere. The posts on say it all. Did anyone notice that today is 911 in Arabic? I can only wonder if this is just a happenstance or a reminder that freedom has a price, which I'm sure you'll all disagree with.


Natasha said...

What are you trying to say?

Linda said...

Natasha I think hes trying to say, and Yazan tell me if im wrong, that is you want to live in a free society, you risk dealing with such acts unfortunately. Evil can run more freely in a free society unfortunately. If you live in a police state, where big brother is all around and there are no freedoms, you will be more safe.

This is what Americans dealt with on 9/11. And we still live in a free society, so we still riskk the chance of an attack. when you deal with people who have not care for human life, you are basicaly dealing with evil.

FireBlizzard said...

God Bless Jordan! Rest in peace all of the victims!

إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون