Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Palestinian Podcast

A while ago I blogged about the revolution taking place across our western border lead by the Palestian Lyrical Front. Today I received a comment from Iron Sheik who seems to have started Kabobfest, a blog and a podcast from a Palestinain perspective. Worth listening to: Check out Kabobfest at http://www.kabobfest.com/ or subscribe to the podcast via iPodder/iTunes at http://www.kabobfest.blogspot.com/atom.xml Stick it in your ear [Note: atom.xml doesn't seem to be iPodder compaliant, you can subscribe using http://feeds.feedburner.com/ymalakha, up until Iron Sheik publishes his Feed]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving voice to palestinians world wide. Why aren't there new episodes?

Yazan Malakha said...

This isn't by me... you should thank the guys at http://www.kabobfest.com

I have no idea on why the podcast isn't updated. You can voice your concerns on their blog.

Haitham Sabbah said...

Hello Yazan,

I could not find the trackback to your post. Looks to be inactive!

Anyway, wanted to send a trackback to it from here:

Dareen said...

thank you Yazan