Friday, December 30, 2005

Podcast: Prey. Slay. Display. Hilton.

2005 is over; the White House has been oral-sex-free for the past 5 years, Paris Hilton stars in The House of Wax. Micheal Jackson is free. Katrina shakes the world up. The universe conspires to kill my sex drive. War here, war there. Sounds like a rant? Things I've Learned This Year Stick it in your ear.


Roba said...

lol, the sound thingy is hilarious.. one of the few new years stuff that made me laugh this year.

jameed said...

Deep Throat will never be associated in my mind with an old man hooked to an oxygen tank despite the news shows, book deals and upcoming movies about it. Certain things that we grew up with are engraved in our mind and shall forever be perceived as one thing; just like you can't convince me Hameedo Shamel is a bad soccer player.

For more on the DT, watch "Inside Deep Throat", the 2005 documentary that outlines how one movie can change society.

Ameen Malhas said...

Iyas, put your hand on your head (7ot eedak 3a rassak) when you mention hameedo.

Linda said...

yazan is that your voice or is that someone else?

Iyas and all of you, deep throat started with the whole nixon and water gate investigation so get it straight! only the pervs decided to take that name and use it for their perverted minds you sickos ;)