Sunday, February 05, 2006

Vote for Paradise Now

"Paradise Now" has been nominated in the best foreign language film category in this year's Oscars. Co-written and directed by Hany Abu-Assad, "Paradise Now" is a very intense movie that delivers a strong insight into a difficult subject -the Palestinian/Israeli conflict- while keeping a level of drama that makes it impossible not to be stirred. The directing is also brilliant, full of fascinating symbology. It is our duty to encourage such peaceful ways in educating the world about the Plestinian/ Israeli conflict, as well as encourage more voices and views such as that of Abu-Assad's to share their unique outlooks on life and events. If you agree with me, please give "Paradise Now" a vote. Vote for the Palestinian movie “Paradise Now” as best foreign language film in this years Oscars.


Ameen Malhas said...

I don't think this actually affects the outcome.

I voted anyway, the "expert" disagreed. Who is this "expert" anyway?

Roba said...

Malhas, screw the expert. We're the experts ;)