Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So Bloody Tired

I'm tired. No, no, no wait I'm exhausted. For almost a decade I've been blaming it on poor blood circulation, bad diet, lack of vitamins, pollution, global warming, and a about a dozen other maladies that make you question the significance of living. Looking at the Department of Statistics website earlier on today; I found it isn't any of that at all. I'm exhausted because I'm overworked; let me demonstrate. If the population of this country is 6 million, and half a million are retired. That leaves 5.5 million, there are 2.5 million in school, that leaves 3 million out of which 1 million are unemployed, and another 1 million are employed by the government and/or army, 534,998 work in farming/county councils, 400,000 working abroad, 45,000 in hospitals, 20,000 in prison, which leaves just TWO people to do the work. YOU and me!! And you're sitting on your bloody arse reading this! It's no wonder I'm so bloody tired.

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