Friday, January 27, 2006

Review: Windows Live Messenger

So awaiting in my inbox today was an invitation to test Windows Live Messenger (WLM from now on). Just when MSN started to become a verb in certain regions of the world, at least mine anyway. Microsoft decides to change the name into Windows Live Messenger. The program still installs on "C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger". The name also suggests it won't be available for other platforms. Naming aside I'm not that impressed. Click to expand Design: By default the top bar is hideous shade of bright orange, which can be changed with a few mouse clicks; I've changed mine into blue as you can see from the screenshots. What annoyed me most is that Groups & Contacts kept on expanding when I hovered them, thankfully the later can be disabled from the options menu, and the first can avoided by moving your mouse outside of the MSN box. There's no way to hide your tabs unless you declare your computer as a shared computer which in turn won't save your messages / contact list / login information. Features: Here's a list of the few notable features of WLM.
  • Better Contact Management [screenshot here] You can now add your contact into a group immediately, those who sort their contacts by group will benefit from this feature, you will no longer have to add a user then drag them into the appropriate group afterwards. You can also attach contact information to any user on your list, there will be immediately synchronized with your hotmail or Live Mail contacts. Surprisingly adding a birth date to a contact doesn't immediately reflect on your calendar, but then again this is just a beta.
  • File Sharing [screenshot here] This is rather amusing, WLM was unable to recognize my antivirus software ("Windows OneCare") and offered me a free Antivirus Software which turned out to be Windows OneCare again! Now with file sharing you create folders for each contact and files into them, files will be automatically synchronized with them, very useful if say you're working on the same files / projects. As always .exe, .pif, etc are blocked to prevent sharing virus infected files.
  • Offline Messaging Name says it all, you can now send instant messages to your offline contacts and they'll receive them once they get online. This feature is nothing new it was built into ICQ back in 1998!
  • Search Contacts Box This is quite useful for those who manage huge lists, or if you want to send a message to an offline contact. You can type in part of the name/email address of any contact you have on your list and your list will be narrowed down to them.
How to Get It
  • Legal Way: is to either wait for the final version, or request to beta test it on
  • Not So Legal Way: Download MSN Messenger 8 off Microsoft, then use MSN Proxy patch

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