Thursday, January 12, 2006

Somebody give Google Money

Much to Jameed's dismay, it looks like Google is heading towards an everything-casual-PC-users-need' on their desktop pack. Scott already made excellent comments on the bundle so I won't repeat his comments other than to say Acrobat is not 'that' evil (unlikeReal Player), and bundling Norton Antivirus sounds quite fishy, a counter-WindowsOneCare campaign perhaps? So it appears Google is attempting to get the proles hooked on their easy install software - it looks like it will auto-update eventually providing a maintenance free PC. It already notifies of new versions available for download - nice! Now fast forward to eighteen months from now: 80% of regular internet users have the Google Pack installed, and by then it has good office capabilities (certainly possible if Google throws 300 cheap Indian engineers at Open Office).

Today several apps in Google Pack already exist in Linux. When Google Pack is a comprehensive desktop suite and identical software exists in Linux what is stopping a free Google OS based on Linux? Imagine a Net PC like Larry Ellison tried to offer in the nineties; it will be cheap, secure (because of intense peer review) and do everything 90% of internet users require. Would you like another prediction? In 2006 Google will make in-roads into their own DRM solution(s) - they need this before big-studios allow content on Google's OS.

On a side note; it seems Google are in a desperate need for cash, check out their Macworld booth.

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Scott Hanselman said...

Do you think that maybe Ubuntu and Google might hook up?