Monday, September 05, 2005

Contest Update: 25 Bucks for the funniest comment

So far there has been 8 maybe 9 sorry attempts to make me laugh; none of which resulted in a popped spleen (not even a smirk in some cases). It's quite obvious Jordanian Grumpiness has taken over the best of you; there's still enough room to prove me wrong though. So feel free to drop a comment here. Notes: - Winner will be announced on Friday 9th September 2005 - If sorry arse comments are to continue, the best four will be polled for a winner. - Anonymous entries will be disregarded, if you're a non blogger, leave your name or email address. - Prize is a $25 USD gift certificate at any place where a Jordanian-Issued Credit Card is accepted. - May the funniest (wo)man win. Good Luck :-) Tags []

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