Monday, September 05, 2005

Microsoft Ventures in VoIP

Intel is not the only one venturing into VoIP, last wednesday Microsoft announced the purchase of VoIP software and service provider Teleo. Microsoft will work on integrating Teleo’s technology into its own VoIP products and IM clients. Teleo's ability to make PC-to-Phone calls will position Microsoft as a direct competitor to Skype; and they're definately not wasting any time, they expect to have Teleo technology integrated into MSN Messenger by the end of this year. You can expect Microsoft to leverage the relationship it already has with businesses through its Microsoft Office Suite by integrating VoIP features. They're in a powerful position to offer communication solutions to their customers; it's surprising it's coming to the game so late with this purchase. If anything, this is a sure sign that VoIP is gaining momentum. Related Links [Microsoft Press Release] [] [eWeek's Article] Tags: [] [] [] [] []

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