Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weekly Technological Roundup: Does Apple Even Own iPod, Intel's stake at Skpye, FreeSpire and more..

Does Apple Even Own iPod? Earlier on I've blogged about Microsoft patenting iPod Interface; Creative Technologies decided to raise another legal threat to the iPod music player, and has been awarded a U.S. patent for a song-navigation technology it claims is used on Apple Computer's market-leading devices. "Apple tried to claim invention, but this patent dispels that," said Craig McHugh, president of Creative Labs, a Milpitas-based subsidiary. "We are going to look at all the alternatives that the patent provides. We can look at legal remedies." No word yet on how Creative intends on enforcing it's patent. More iPod Related Stories: [Apple's Secret is Out] [iPod Phone] [Microsoft Patents iPod Technology] Google Maps Update New Orleans Google Maps has updated its service by adding a ‘Katrina’ button alongside the current ‘Map’, ‘Satellite’, and ‘Hybrid’ options. Satellite images were taken on August 31. In order to view the new images enter “New Orleans” in the search bar. To view a “before & after” click the satellite button to view older images. More Katrina Stories: [In the Wake of a Storm] [Katrina in the News] More Google Related Stories: [Google Eying Talent] [Google Talk] [Google Knows] FreeSpire, a free copy of Linspire (Limited Time) The people at Linspire are giving Linspire 5.0 away for free (digital download only) until September 6th. Simply go to purchase the $49.95 digital edition, and then enter coupon code ‘freespire’ to receive a $49.95 discount.” More on Freespire [Freespire Press Release] [] Intel's Disruption Trying to repeat the success of its Centrino brand for notebook computers, Intel said it will launch a set of technologies geared specifically for entertainment PCs. Look out for "Intel Viiv" sticker, coming to a computer near you. Intel also seems to have bought a stake in the in internet phone phenomenon Skype Tags: [] [] [] [] [] [] []


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vonage should watch out im more concerned about the ipod patents how will next generation ipods look like?