Thursday, September 08, 2005

JordanPlanet Bloggers fight for popularity

The lights dim and the crowds cheer as 4 brave bloggers enter the boxing arena. Every Planet Citizen anxiously awaiting and speculating the result of the battle. I should warn you ladies and gentlemen the scene is gory and not for the timid; contestants will fight till the last blogger is standing. Roba Assi vs Lina Ejeilat [Click here to watch the fight] On the left side; we have our challenger for the title Roba Assi on the right side Lina Ejeilat. The bell rings, and the fighters approach; Lina takes a Jab at Roba. Roba quickly maneuvers out of the way and put an end to the battle with a quick knockout! 1-2-3 … that has got to go down as the shortest boxing match in history! The referee tries to stop Roba as she tries to spray paint Lina with her pink signature. Roba Assi vs Jameed [Click here to watch the fight] Enter the Karaki Stallion…. Roba be prepared you’re about to face one of the toughest opponents of your career… Jameed dances around Roba looking for an opening and lands a punch that knocks her to the floor. Roba quickly gets up and confuses her opponent with art terminology, and surprises him with a direct hit that knocks him down. For the final match Roba is going to face our defending champion Roba Assi vs Ahmad Humeid [Click here to watch the fight] Eager to win, Roba quickly approaches Ahmad and lays a punch, only to be blocked by a wave of sound generated from his iPod Shuffle. Artsy words do not confuse our champion. Nor do quick punches. Ahmad smiles victoriously at the lame attempts of his challenger; his music shield impenetrable, and his punches unblocked. Roba falls down on the ground and pulls out a can of turpentine and sprays the chemical of happiness around Ahmad. He falls laughing on the floor and breaks the Shuffle; and suddenly the music stops and the crowd gasp. The referee is counting, Ahmad is still laughing… 3-2-1 we have a winner ladies and gentlemen. More Interesting Battles: - Microsoft vs Linux - Microsoft vs God - Bill Gates vs Linus Torvalds - Britney Spears vs Shakira - Oprah vs Dr. Phil - Work vs Holiday Note: This is a twisted and bizarre post about GoogleFight. Bloggers were selected randomly; I didn't enlist myself because I'm too cool and cannot be arsed; sore losers and angry crowds can direct their hate mail to the comments segment.


Anonymous said...

u should includ more catfites or make the one u did longer

Yazan Malakha said...

had i known the people mentioned better it would have been more graphic.

hmmm.. no hatemail

Robin said...

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